Red is the most dynamic and powerful colour. It has a great emotional impact and demands attention.

So I asked this question to a few people before writing down this post, “What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say red?” Some had roses as the answer, an apple, a setting sun, a heart, and amongst all these random things, as I expected, most of them had “Love” as their quintessential answer. So obviously you are thinking this would be a mawkish post dripping in love , after all red is the colour of love isn’t it? Well maybe it is, but I don’t see the point of associating a feeling with a single colour. It can be any colour that makes you feel the warmth of love, or maybe it has no shade at all.

So what else does red remind you of?

7 billion people in the world, 4 races subdivided into as many as 30 subgroups, more than 5000 ethnic groups, all these huge numbers and yet only one thing common among all these people, that one red substance that’s essential for our existence, blood. The blood that runs through our veins, pumped out from the heart, a contributing factor for our survival.

The red fluid in our bodies, coming from our different ancestors, sometimes dividing us, sometimes uniting.

Humans are so unpredictable, on one hand they’re fighting with others to save their blood relations and on the other having a feud amongst themselves for having a greater share in the property. We can see children leaving their own parents , siblings having a rivalry , murders and crimes within families , we can also see cases of adoption where children get a whole new and better life, there are people risking their lives to save others in disastrous situations, some give up everything to help the society.

Thousands of lives are saved because donations are made. People are alive because the blood running through their veins are that of a person of a different background. Then why do we still have wars and riots within different ethnic groups , nations and races ?

All this makes it difficult to understand what we humans really want. We are a complicated race , we need to realize that even though all throughout these years we have got divided ,our origin is the same. Whether we look different , speak different languages , belong to different cultures and groups, or are members of the same family and share the same lineage , our blood has the same composition , the same constituents: the plasma , platelets, red and white blood cells.

Blood is classified as a connective tissue that connects and supports other organs, then why let it be the reason for our division and disputes?


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