A mixture of black and white, a blend of bright and dark moments of life, Grey. As a kid , I was always bored by those old black and white movies my parents watched, still am honestly. Always felt grey images don’t bring out the true colours or emotions, I had this image of life just filled with other bright and appealing colours. Didn’t realise that grey is in fact , one of the true colours of life.

Painting with so many shades of blue, red and yellow always made me ecstatic and peaceful, maybe one of the reasons why I am not that much into pencil shading, never felt satisfied with it. I felt something was missing, like there’s a sad note left behind in them. If you keep two pictures, side by side of a scenery or a portrait, one filled with colours and the other painted with shades of grey, it automatically brings out different emotions and has a different effect in you.

Now when I’m actually out of the dreamy and colourful phase of childhood and entered into the adult phase of life, I realise everything is not as easy and ebullient as it seemed to be. Honestly its far more worse than that. Sometimes life just knocks you down so hard that you actually fall into a grey world of your own. Rejections, failures, competition, jealousy, betrayal , everything is living with you in this grey world. An opportunity you lost, a friend who betrayed you, not getting something that you deserved, people who turned out to be luckier than you, every single thing that makes you feel anguished and hurt is going to be in the same world too. There’s no way you can run away from them, or shut them, but only face and dodge them or just look through and get on.


You are the painter of your world and when its turned grey, pick up your paint brush and start painting the colours back. Maybe the process is slow and the paints take time to dry and maybe the grey has left its mark, but that doesn’t stop you from filling in your favourite shades. The after effect is so beautiful that when you look back at this canvas of your life, even the grey parts will make you realise your strength. That day, when you’ll be cognizant of your abilities and power, nothing and no one can stop you .

I’ve come to realise that these pencil shadings and old movies have a different beauty and charm of their own. The grey moments in my life make me value my normal life so much more and in times of success and happiness I remind myself of the crestfallen and sorrowful person I was in the bad times and make myself believe how blessed I am.  As my dad always says failures are the pillars of success and it just makes our built stronger, I think all we need is patience and perseverance to build our structure better.

Nothing can be sparkling and beautiful for a lifetime. As we grow old, our skin will be dull and wrinkly, our body will be less stronger and our hair will turn grey. But the inner beauty and strength in us would never lose its shine.

According to artist Jan Thorn-Prikker, “Grey is an important colour- the ideal colour of indifference, fence-sitting, keeping quiet, despair. In other words, for states of being and situations that affect one, and for which one would like to find a visual expression.”

Grey makes no statement whatever; it evokes no feelings nor associations sometimes: it’s really neither visible nor invisible but its inconspicuousness gives it the capacity to mediate. So lets fill up the voids in life with grey, because it has the capacity that no other colour has, to make ‘nothing’ visible. ❤



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  1. has tuned with my present state of mind. As I am passing through a bit dark phase of life.
    PL continue to post this type of articles.

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