Close your eyes for a minute. What do you see? Nothing? Everything just seems black with eyes closed. It can be peaceful at times , but otherwise we tend to think of darkness when it comes to black.

Has it ever happened that you’re trying so hard to sleep,  pressing your eyelids together, counting infinite number of sheep jumping off the fence,  praying that you get some sleep but you just cannot? It’s that one thought that keeps revolving around your head, that one person, that one situation , that one test. In this dark and black background of your mind , all those scenes just keep flashing and all you want is to wash them off but your tries go in vain. Happens with me all the time. In moments like this I always concentrate on those zig-zag patterns and bright spots inside my eyes. We all see them in the dark , those white or coloured spots of light,  appearing and disappearing at times in different patterns.

This phenomena is called phosphene. According to its definition, a phosphene is a phenomenon characterised by the experience of seeing light without light actually entering the eye.  I always wondered why we see these unique light patterns in the dark. Maybe people don’t notice, but it’s not just all black that we see with our eyes closed, there’s these tiny bursts of light appearing all around .

download (1)

I know it’s just an illusion or a scientific way of explaining it would be simulation of the visual cortex, but it’s made me realise that sometimes in life we have to face situations which makes us feel there’s darkness all around, there’s no way out , makes us feel fragile. But even in this dark , there is this light that’s always there, we may not realise its presence,  but if we look closer , it’s there. We go through loss, failures and so many other dark phases and eventually get over them, this just makes us more stronger and a better fighter. We just need to acknowledge this light. If we can see light without any actual source of it,even with our eyes closed ,then there has to be a way out when we’re stuck in our black hole of problems.

Black is a colour which actually encompasses all the other colours, it’s a mixture of all emotions.  Remember stars always shine in the dark. They even make the sombre night look so enchanting.  Just keep looking for that little ray of light, it will reach you. And once it does, everything will be brighter and clearer. The palette of life isn’t always full of bright yellows and oranges, it’s not supposed to be. The darker shades brings out the lustre in them even more.

There will always be a glimmer in those who have been through the dark. ❤️



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