Pretty , delicate, soft, these are the words we associate with the colour, don’t we? Hard to disagree. It’s one of my favourite colours after all. Obviously it has to be , because I’m a girl. Most girls have to like it. No they have to, even if they don’t, again, because it’s meant for the female gender. Guys have to hate it. No they have to, even if they do love it, obviously it doesn’t have that masculine effect to it. So here comes the colours of gender stereotyping.
I recently attended a kid’s birthday party and obviously being the only young adult sitting amongst 5 yr olds, aunties and grandparents , I had no job other than observing them. The party host was distributing the party hats and this little guy , being smaller than the others, was jumping to get his. After fighting through the crowd of kids, he finally got his, a pink one. Too happy with his hat he came running to his mom showing off his achievement. Instead of being happy, she frowned and said ” Oh a pink hat? Boys don’t wear pink.Go tell him to give you a blue one.” The joy on his face vanished and even if he was happy with it, he went back to change it. This time , with less
A colour doesn’t become likeable by enforcing it on someone. Nothing does. A guy wearing pink doesn’t display women empowerment or that he’s not strong enough. A girl isn’t always a tomboy if she gets a short haircut. Well maybe she is, maybe she likes wearing pants and t-shirts or a men’s perfume. If a girl is into dresses and gowns , it’s not that she’s not good at sports. Maybe a guy doesn’t like dressing in those monotonous shades that men are ‘supposed’ to have. If a guy is good at sports , it’s not that he doesn’t love classical dance or ballet. The propensity to evaluate someone on the basis of sex, is still a major problem.

Why do we have to think who’s judging us all the time? In fact even if there is someone to judge us , I don’t get why we should even take their opinions.
God just gave us different bodies, but covering it, styling it is our choice. And I swear, as it’s always said nothing looks better than the confidence you wear.


We can paint the walls of our rooms in any shade we want, any way we want,  whether it’s white or hot pink. It depicts our individuality, our uniqueness. As much as we try looking good outside, me must feel good inside.
Having a different outlook towards life doesn’t make us unusual, it makes us rare .  So, be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons! 😉



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