Not much of an interesting colour, is it? Not even attractive enough to begin with ? Well, i’ll start with it anyways.

As a child, the brown crayon didn’t quite catch my attention the way shades of red, blue or green did. Only used it for filling colour in the soil or mountains. Neglected and sidelined it for quite awhile.
I remember in middle school, during the summer, joining a swimming class got me so tanned that people failed to even recognise me. Went back to school and was mocked at the new dark being that I had become (not that my natural complexion is very light but people found this change quite amusing). Many had a lot of tips in hand. Didn’t really care much ,but somewhere I felt demeaned, humiliated. Trying all types of remedies or creams suggested was a fail of course.

Now looking back and gaining a little bit of sense(probably), I think I was stupid. Stupid enough to use those products, heeding to those comments and being so conscious about this insignificant thing. It’s far good to go swim , run, play your heart out than to just sit back . Sitting back will only make the others suppress more.


My love for painting has made me realise that brown paint has much more use than I thought as a kid. I no longer use the stereotypical “skin colour” for colouring the body parts of my human figures. Flesh tint is not that single pastel shade that should be applied for the skin. Fair is not limited to being an adjective for lighter skin. Let’s be truly FAIR to ourselves.
Chocolates are brown, and no one resents them .Well, most of us don’t. Then why skin? Why create this estrangement amongst ourselves?

Love is that unseen shade of paint that can spread in every medium, through every being. Love yourself , encourage yourself and never doubt yourself . God has sprinkled not a pinch, but a handful of uniqueness in each one of us.

It’s not about the colour of the skin , it’s the size of the heart behind it. ❤



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